The Newest of Subscription Box Services offering Culture & Gifts



Shalominabox is Judaism in a box delivered to your doorstep. Each month you or your designated recipient will receive a box of Jewish themed delight in the form of gift items, treats and cultural information that will celebrate, educate, and rejuvenate the recipient’s Jewish experience.

The subscription package offers monthly themes with a targeted focus on: an adult, a college student, a family with young children, a family with older children, a dreidel collector, or someone simply looking for a cultural experience as the recipient.  Based on the chosen demographic, each shalominabox  package will arrive containing items related to a specific month’s theme which may or may not include a holiday. Some of the theme examples include: Hamsa,  Kosher Sweets, Passover, Mezuzah, Dreidel, Jerusalem, or other cultural item or theme. Each package is enhanced with printed information about the theme. 

A 3 month trial subscription is offered as a taste of things to come with easy option to extend it for the recipient. There are longer subscription offers available for 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. The price of each package is $55.00 and the value of your merchandise will range from $60.00 – $95.00 depending on the month and demographic of the recipient. The pricing includes free shipping.

Are you wondering what could be included in these boxes?  We will include a variety of items that you would see available on our web site. We thought of posting pictures only to realize pictures would spoil the surprise! If you are interested in some of the themes for the shalominabox packages, please visit the MYSTERY BOX Department on our web site and you will get an idea of a few of the themes.                   

Modern life is busy and Shuki’s mission is “to make it a little easier to experience your Judaism with a monthly delivery.”