The "Must Have" Haggadah written for the contemporary Jewish family.

Whether you purchase the book or download the print-your-own version of 30minute-Seder™... this refreshingly brief, Rabbinically approved Passover Haggadah maintains the reverence of Passover while keeping the high points intact. The contemporary gender-neutral text, beautiful full-color illustrations, and Seder songs make for a memorable Passover Seder that engages and entertains the entire family.

30minute-Seder™ contains simple directions and Passover Seder plate instructions. Hebrew prayers are also provided with transliteration. The treatment given to the four-children (traditionally the four sons) is simply brilliant. The four-questions and their answers are presented in a truly thought provoking way. For the leader of the Seder or guests that prefer a larger format, an easy-to-read large print version of 30minute-Seder™ is also available.

This fun-to-read Passover Haggadah is perfect for the family on the go and appeals to new and experienced Seder participants alike. But don’t just take our word for it. Read the entire 30minute-Seder™ Haggadah online here and see for yourself why The Haggadah That Blends Brevity With Tradition is the “Must Have Haggadah for Passover 2010!”