Take a traditional Haggadah text, and add vibrant and historical artworks, engaging activities, and compelling thought questions and activities to it. Then add a hopping, wise-cracking frog to its pages, and you'll get the Family [and Frog!] Haggadah.

Frog has lots to comment on, and much to do throughout the seder. He ll say the four questions, take a bath in the salt water, run from the ten plagues, pop up from behind the pages, demand more grape juice, (followed by spilling said grape juice all over the page), and generally make the whole seder more fun for everyone.

But even though frog is the star of this Haggadah, (just ask him, he'll tell you so) its underlying text and content is itself wonderfully compelling, with clear instructions, fun game suggestions, checklists, transliterations, and everything else one might need to create a traditional (but not too long!-Frog) and enjoyable seder experience.

Are you kidding? Of COURSE you want me at your seder! -Frog


Seder checklist helps you prepare in advance

Photo diagram shows how to arrange the seder plate
Clear directions for leaders and participants
Transliterations of Hebrew passages
Vibrant and historic artworks
Gender-sensitive language
Fun activities to enliven your seder
Discussion starters
Lively retelling of the Passover story
Favorite Passover songs in Hebrew, English, and transliteration
and of course, Frog! (Need we say more?)