Wedding planning can be a stressful experience. Keeping track of all the details--deciding who to invite, choosing a caterer, arranging the reception--can sometimes lead to a couple forgetting about the bigger picture and the significance of this day in their lives: A joyous occasion that should reflect not only your personality, but your values, as well.

The Creative Jewish Wedding Book brings your complete wedding planning into focus. Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer helps you express your individuality and spirituality on your wedding day. Whether your plans are traditional or alternative, whether you are planning your first or second marriage, she provides the tools you need to look at and think about ritual and tradition in new and innovative ways, including:

    Insights and reflections from a broad range of couples who have created their own distinctive weddings
    Practical hands-on techniques and ideas for creating many of the ritual objects connected to a Jewish wedding from designing your own ketubah, to making paper for invitations, to fashioning the chuppah
    How to express your spiritual life and values through your ceremony
    An up-to-date guide to wedding resources in the Jewish world

Inspiring and useful, The Creative Jewish Wedding Book can help you reclaim your wedding day from the whirlwind of details and bring out the honesty and integrity you desire in your wedding experience.