Find spiritual strength for healing in the wisdom of Jewish tradition.
Whether you are facing illness yourself, serving as a caregiver, providing pastoral care, or simply wondering where God is when we get sick, the teachings and wisdom of Jewish tradition can help you cope with the difficulties of illness and infirmity. With a format designed to accommodate the stressful life of people dealing with illness, Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler helps you focus on spiritual well-being as an essential aspect of physical healing and wholeness. He provides comfort and inspiration to help you maintain personal balance and family harmony amid the fear, pain, and chaos of illness.

Combining the stories of real people with insights from Jewish sources, he offers practical advice and spiritual guidance for:

    * Reaching inward to the soul when the body fails
    * Reaching outward to provide strength, comfort, and compassion to the ill or infirm
    * Reaching upward to God through prayer and daily gratitude

"Deeply personal and professionally inspiring.... Moving and yet practical ... helps us reach into our unique inner resources, out to our friends and community, and up to the ultimate Source of Healing and Wholeness."