The Hebrew alphabet is the essence of the art of Mordechai Rosenstein. “The flowing forms of the letters have been an inspiration to me since my youth.” Mordechai’s love of these forms is evident in every piece he creates. His vibrant shapes and colors enhance synagogue interiors, tapestries, paintings, murals, and silk screen prints.

Serigraph (silk screen) is a fine art term used in the reproduction of an image. Special paper is used to keep the integrity of the original design and the colors.

THIS FRAMED ART PIECE IS SIGNED BY THE ARTIST AS AN A/P ARTIST PROOF. An artist proof is one the artist has viewed asnearly perfect during the printing of his limited edition. When a client buys an A/P Artist Proof, they are essentially obtaining a very limited, nearly perfect special print directly from the artist, setting themselves apart from the normal print buyer.

This wall hanging measures 22 x 26 , is double matted with a red brick inner matte topped with a neutral beige matte. the frame is a soft matte gold bevelled molding.