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Bar Mitzvah


When a boy turns age thirteen, it is the time he becomes a Man according to Jewish Life cycle and Jewish Law. This signifies the time they first read from the Torah and are expected to abide by Jewish laws with observance to  Jewish Holiday customs. In other words, this young boy becomes a man and enters the Jewish Community as a responsible being.


To become a Bar Mitzvah, this Jewish boy will need a few items to assist him : a tallis or tallit, a torah pointer or yad, and tefillin. The Tallit or prayer shawl that should be worn when reading from the Torah. The Torah pointer or Yad is used as an extension of your hand to follow along in the Torah reading in order that your hand does not touch the Torah. Tefillin are two leather boxes containing words from the Torah inscribed on parchment. The boxes are placed on the head and on the arm and then wrapped around the arm and over the finger. It is worn as a reminder of G-d.


Gifts appropriate for a Bar Mitzvah include Jewish Jewelry,  a Kiddush Cup, a menorah or hanukia, or a Tzedakah box.


Bat Mitzvah


Bat Mitzvah translates to “daughter of commandment” The word bat means daughter and Mitzvah means Commandment. When a girl reaches her twelfth birthday, she becomes a "bat mitzvah".  Jewish tradition will now recognize her as an adult. She will now be held morally and ethically responsible for her decisions and actions.


A Bat Mitzvah also refers to the religious ceremony and celebration and Jewish Tradition will now consider her responsible for performing mitzvoth (commandments or good deeds), ie. Light Shabbat candles She is able to participate in a minyan, She is morally and ethically responsible.


People attending a Bat Mitzvah will often wear a Kippah or yarmulke with the girls name stamped on the inside. The girl will wear a tallis or tallit, use a torah pointer or yad, and she will read from the Torah.