Kiddush Cups and Kiddush Fountains


Saying Kiddush is the blessing of wine or grape juice before a festival meal and a special cup is designated for this blessing: a Kiddush Cup. Kiddush is said on Shabbat and Havdallah, at Jewish weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and the traditional Jewish Holidays.

Kiddush Fountains are popular with families who wish to offer wine or grape juice to everyone at the table. The Kiddush cup resting on the top of the fountain is filled with wine or grape juice and blessed. The  wine from the Kiddush cup is then pouredinto the base of the place the Kiddush cup rests and it flows into the 6-12 cups assembled at the base of the fountain. The wine is then distributed to whomever is at the table.

Kiddush Cups and Kiddush  Fountains are offered ina variety of materials. Traditionally, Sterling Silver is the prefered material, but, it is common to see Kiddush Cups and Kiddush Fountains in pewter, wood, nickel platedmetal, silver plated metal, aluminum, glass, ceramic, or a combination of these materials.